Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Key West Wildlife Center

Someone last week at work inquired about a turtle release at Higgs Beach. I told them it was probably the Key West Wildlife Center

When people ask me things to go visit off the beaten path I usually recommend it cause I've heard great things about them but haven't actually been.

Well they are great and I need to go.

Yesterday while riding back from the fish market I noticed a Cormorant walking around mid-town which is strange cause you usually only see them near the water. As I got closer, I saw it had a hook in its neck which was pulling on its mouth when it walked. 

It hurt to look at him in so much pain. 

So I stopped and googled the Key West Wildlife Center wondering if they were still open. It was 4:51pm and they closed at 5:00. I've called rescue places before but they either were closed or couldn't come out. I wondered if they'd even been interested in helping so close to closing time.

"Do you take care of birds with hooks in their necks?" I asked.

"Yes! Do you have one? I'll be right over." 

Within 10 minutes he came over and we trapped the bird. Poor thing had swallowed a line complete with hook and it was coming out of its neck and mouth.

The guy thanked me for calling and whisked him off for a recovery session which is what you see above. 

What a great thing to have in this town. Really cool.

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