Tuesday, December 31, 2013


The week between Christmas and New Years is literally the busiest of the whole year down here. 

Including what we shall refer to as the "Asian Invasion" of 2013. A co-worker joked that she wondered if there was anyone left in Asia to turn the lights out. This year feels busier than I can remember living here. Its been quite a year.

So how to spend the last day of 2013?

108 sun salutations with my favorite yoga studio to generate some energy and heat. And a last swim in 2013 at Ft. Zach with dragonflies all around. The water was so pretty even the jolt of cold couldn't keep me from going in.

Whilst drying out, some random guy came over to offer me a beer. I didn't need it I told him, I'm feeling totally content right now. And I am.

So much gratitude. 

Happy New Year :)

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