Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Solar Power HOOOOOOOO!!

I have been dreaming of solar powered houses since the second grade science fair. Built one of those suckers with bendy straws and wanted one so badly. No one at the fair seemed to be too wowed by it.

Been waiting for it to happen and it looks like it might finally be time.

While researching some alternative energy mutual funds for my 2014 IRA contribution I came across one on solar I really liked. Then I saw this article.

Perfect timing! Now I just have to find that marijuana growing mutual fund and I'll be set for 2014.

When I went home this February I made an appointment to sit down with my ghost of a financial investment advisor. 

I had my account bounce around during the bank mergers of 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 and finally landed with this older stately dude whom I had never met. 

I wanted to scout him out and figure out if I could work with him so I set up a face to face. He was great to talk to and we had a nice chat which included me showing him funds I liked on my iPhone and asking him what he thought about them.  

Finally starting to take control of my retirement investments again and am finding its a lot of fun. 

After our meeting and agreeing to throw some cash for 2013 he asked me "What do you do again?"

"Oh, I give paddle board tours and wait tables at night."

"Huh." He said with a surprised look. Then we talked about kitesurfing and paddle boarding while sharing a cup o joe. 

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