Thursday, May 8, 2014


My inner weirdo was fast. 

I started with the chicken but ended up liking the egg more. I feel like the egg. 

Potential. Birth.

Just sent my "Which Came First?" entry into the Lemonade Stand Small Works show. The Lemonade Stand was a working gallery I saw years ago on a visit to Key West. I loved it so much, it became a guide post for what I wanted and where I thought I should be. 

Mostly it was what I desperately craved when I was still in advertising. 

It never seemed to come together for me until I moved down here and properly stalked Letty until she gave me a job. I just wanted to be a part of it so much and for good reason. Met many good friends through it and got to play in a world I longed to live in.

Did a lot of marketing and helping with shows my first year or so down. Ironically, it was the small works show that eventually made me choose to leave the gallery. Just decided gallery work was not for me and was grateful for the chance to figure that out.

No matter what happens with the entry, it feels good to finally get into this space with my artwork. And the Lemonade Stand is the perfect gallery to submit to. 

One thing that artisan market definitely showed me is it can be fun to share my artwork with others. Let that inner weirdo shine!

So here we are full circle. Feels complete. 

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