Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Open Heart

How often do you let your heart shine forward?

Something I am constantly aware of after that Luminous Body and Shamanic cord cutting yoga workshop last week.

The whole focus of yoga is to open yourself up through poses and breath work. I get that message constantly when Sofia comes around to push me deeper into my downward dog so my heart can really open.

Noticing when I start protecting it by slumping in my posture or hiding it when riding my bike. Conscious to let my heart lead the way, I open it forward and you know what? It changes my whole mood immediately. 

I embrace people fuller. I absorb more. I feel more. 

They say the heart is the true mind center of the body. It even has neuron cells that are the same ones found in the brain. 

I asked for this on my Ayahuasca journey a couple of years back. To learn how to live life with an open heart. 

Its happening.

Saw another great movie with a lot of heart last night. Made me proud to be a part of a great restaurant in town. 

The restaurant business really is an adrenaline rush and an immediate primal connection to people in a lot of ways. If you like food, go see Chef.

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