Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fun with Friends

The annual NYC invasion. 

There are some people in your life that disappear then circle back around. This group I met when I was so lonely in NYC working my ass off. We worked hard. We partied hard.

They reminded me the city didn't have to be so cold and formidable.

Dana became a quick friend when we both realized we liked to do stupid stuff together. Think playing co-ed tackle football in the park after getting pumped up watching the final scene from Rudy.

We were both up for adventures and when you're broke in NYC working in advertising; you can find a lot of stupid stuff to do. 

I moved all the way to New York to find a crazy group of Tennessee peeps that became a second family and made me re-think about leaving.

Now they're coming down here on an annual basis. Two of the girls I haven't seen since my migration to the keys 10 years ago. 

Lots of questions about what I do and a very familiar email from Dana at 12:30am from the office cursing work the day after she got home. Sniffling that she missed Key West and how she needed to be back in a few hours to prep for her presentation.

She missed Key West and missed us hanging out. Life is good when you can find friends like these and a life you like. 

Must be why I'm starting to look at buying a place. After a lovely encounter last week with my landlord who is OCD and cheap, I think I'm finally ready to put down roots and start investing in a home to call my own.

Even thinking about getting a real estate license too per my astrologers advice. Cause, why not? 

Happy Lunar Eclipse! Happy Saturday!

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