Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fun with Photoshop

Fun with photoshop. Finally broke down and purchased the software. For the price of one danish and a big ole cup of coffee per month, I can now experiment with photos and text.

Oh, the options! I'm already digging it and learning it as I go... Sea Grapes I just can't quit you!

Got a lot of inspiration from sitting under that tree this past weekend. I'm officially on a circle kick.

Decided to buy a book on Islamic Geometric patterns too and am trying to wrap my head around the use of a compass. Yup, its not just for 7th grade math class.

I guess no one uses it anymore as it was a hunt to find one but a good set was had at Office Max of all places.

Apparently these kinds of geometric designs are in sync with the celebration of creation in nature. Love it and hoping to incorporate it more into my work.



  2. Check out that website to see Vi Hart explain the Fibonacci series and how it's in all of nature. Also explains the "golden ratio". Helps you appreciate the beauty in nature.