Saturday, July 25, 2015

Things I'm digging...

Sometimes when a thought gets stuck in my head I'll google certain words to find answers. Wonder if this is why my crown chakra is having issues? 

too. many. thoughts.

Oh, whatever did we do before google?

Figured I'd share a few of my finds with you. Most specifically what's in my e-book carrousel these days.

After watching a parade of bachelorette parties with women who all looked like clones drinking out of penis straws, I got to wondering... 

Even in 2015, why is it that the marker for being a successful woman seems to be only babies and marriage? Is that really it?

While both of these are great I feel there's more.

Not being too keen on only being defined by a "baby bump" or ring, I found this great read at the online library:

After that psychic reading I was looking for ways to open my crown chakra more. I found this:

An amazing book on Sedona and energy. This was the book I was looking for before I visited Sedona but am enjoying it much more after being there. 

It describes all the vortex hikes and earth energy in general. As well as giving some great meditations on how to work with your own system and connect.

Yup, Boynton Canyon was the most amazing hike ever and now I know why. (p.s. I want to go back there)

It may be not happening now, but it will....

From my favorite journalist Naomi Klein. I have this in good ole book format thanks to a co-worker and can only read bits of it cause it pisses me off and blows my mind. 

Climate change is a huge issue everyone wants to avoid for many different reasons. Not surprising most are monetary. 

At least its helping me find good mutual funds for my environmentally conscious IRA.

One that was on the reading list from my yoga teacher training. 

I keep weaving back and forth from it but its an adventure story of spiritual self discovery. 

Apparently Steve Jobs left a copy of it under every seat at his funeral.

And next up in the rotation is this beauty. 

I have been obsessed lately with getting rid of things and organizing my house. After feeling the shift in my home I googled some stuff and found this gem.

My house is so different after clearing out old things not needed anymore. Especially my work space.

Speaking of, I've been building a website for the yoga studio cafe. Realized I love creating platforms for communication. The function. the look. the feel of it all - so fun.

I'll be starting to do that for the psychic I had a reading with as well. In particular explaining the spirit world to people and editing her channelling from an oracle fairy (yes, I know this sounds crazy but totally cool)

Who knew I'd go from beer marketing to this? By the way, this blows doors off beer marketing.

Went to Ross for more organizing supplies and heard this song on Pandora whilst gathering. 

Music has been really up for me lately and when I connect to a song, it usually relates to something going on in my life. Ever have that happen??? 

If not, try it.

This one is so beautiful. I was singing it in the ocean today looking at the cloudy purple sky while trying to open my crown chakra... 

By the way that $65 yoga towel is the bomb and I just ordered a pair of flip flops made out of yoga mat material. 

Now, if only they made restaurant work shoes. 

Happy Saturday.

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