Sunday, August 2, 2015

Memory Lane pt 2

Going back into an external hard drive to find something for my sis. Having a big trip down memory lane moment. 

So many good memories. Maybe its the hard drive. 

Maybe its all the questions from mortgage brokers and a dizzying amount of paper work to review. 

Some oldies but goodies but I definitely feel like something is wrapping up in a good way.

The Buddhist retreat month at Tara Mandala and temple painting with Lama G. He always chanted and sang while he drew which was amazing. And I especially enjoyed our Lama coffee time which was red wine in coffee cups.

You know your Lama is the shit when he eats prosciutto.

Going up to Chicago to clean out my storage unit and move permanently to Key West. The top picture is my friend telling me that the boy in blue who had been hitting on me is only 15. 

He promised me he'd come to Key West to visit me...once he got his drivers license. That is the expression on my face up top after hearing those exact words.

The trip out west to the big hole and the beginning of Boynton Canyon hike. So spiritual and amazing out there. Lucky to have experienced it.

Ok time to take out my contacts, put on my glasses and back to the papers to try to figure out all this stuff.

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