Thursday, September 24, 2015

Riding the waves

As I ride the waves of final approval, I watch the condo die only to be resurrected a mere 2 hours later.

I want clarity. I want finality. I can't get either. 

I also decide to email my landlord cause I'm tired of playing chicken with my lease renewal. Let him know what's up and he's really good about it which I was not expecting.

So ready for this to be done... Its like a relationship that you keep going back into to see if it'll work this way. Or that way. Or this way. Or maybe that way.

How do people do this multiple times??? I guess it gets easier. Buying a house is a rollercoaster of paperwork and emotions. 

So I look at clouds... Big fluffy clouds.

And go for floats in the ocean to calm my nerves. Home is an important sanctuary for me. I like to know where I'm rooted.

Starting to realize home is really no place in particular. Its just you. So either way, it'll all work out the way its supposed to.

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