Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Final Countdown

And, Here comes the condo again...

The final round! For reals!

My real estate guy asked me to call this dude after the last no. The only reason I called was cause I love my real estate guy and thought if he had a contact the least I could do was call.

I now have a hybrid of mortgage broker that contains the trustworthy banker combined with the speed of "smoke and mirrors". 

One lengthy phone conversation on my bike to the beach and I was able to get all the info I needed and felt I could trust him. 

Got to also tell him exactly what I was looking for which I had no clue when I started this whole thing. "Loan Speed Dating 101 - What have we learned so far?" is in full effect.

I've tried to give it up three times now. Someone reaaaally wants me to get this. Wonder if its Grandma? Does she want to swim in my pool???

Stay tuned...Another signed contract. 

In the meantime I will go out for bubbles dreaming of HGTV.

And a pug in a taco suit.

The symbol of victory!

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