Thursday, October 1, 2015

September is over!

What a crazy month and yesterday was the topper. 

Got to finish it off with the end of a locals special, some laughs at work and an amazing couple bottles of wine to celebrate.

While cleaning up outside of the restaurant, I found an open bike lock in my bike basket. I've been so pre-occupied I freaked thinking I left my lock off my bike at first.

As I picked it up I noticed it had letters instead of numbers which I commented on and handed it off to a co-worker asking him if he needed a lock.

Guess he played around with it for a bit cause suddenly I heard from the other room a scream with: "Hey!! Chris figured out the password to open the lock!"

That password was TWAT.

Fast forward to everyone laughing, us deciding to give the lock to a returning co-worker as a "welcome home" gift. 

And our Russian co-worker asking in his best serious voice..."What is twat?"

This is the best description of why I enjoy working in a restaurant.

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