Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Two Things

I sold another painting today. One of my new faves.

Had a good time at work last night. Picking out food and wine for people is really fun. I chose a whole meal for a group of four and they loved it.

Also had a nice couple I had waited on before who was in a rush to get their check so they could go to the movies. After asking which one and finding out the new Steve Jobs movie, I got the strangest response to my next question.

"Have you read his biography?"

"I'm Republican." 

"So, you don't read?" 

His wife started cracking up and I got a nodding defeat "You got me on that one. That was good. That was good."

I had no idea Republicans didn't like Steve Jobs. Or Apple products. Abortions yes. Apple no.

And as a bonus, the table next to them complimented me on the smoothest kneecapping ever. #scoreonefortheliberals

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