Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Road Warrior


  1. Penny- I LOVE your blog. Though I want to read all your entries in one sitting I am restraining myself.

    Your observations of persons, places, and things are unique and very special. Your pictures... wow!

    I live in new jersey but Ive been visiting key west quite regularly since the early 90s, each time a job opportunity comes up in my profession (city planner / historic preservation) i jump at it but my significant other has reservations about moving. :-(

    How about some pictures of "poor house lane" and bahama village?


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  3. Thanks Scott!!

    I really appreciate your nice comments and am glad you're enjoying the blog. It's a lot of fun to capture all the crazy beautiful things you see down here each day.

    Good call on the Poor House Lane and Bahama Village. I'll be putting it on my list to do!