Saturday, November 20, 2010

Artist Date

With all the commotion, forgot I needed to complete an Artist date for my class. Last week I spent it in First Class flying up to D.C. and that was quite enjoyable. A gal can get used to that kind of treatment, I know I am.

This week, I went to see the African cemetery at the beach which memorialized the 294 slaves that died here after reaching Key West via slave boats. Some really amazing symbols and descriptions of their horrific journey over and how strong those people were. They are buried near this fort-like building called West Martello located directly on Higgs beach.

I have always thought about going in there and did today. Perfect that there was a garden club event and artists peppered all throughout the building. Personally, the brick fort gives me the heebie jeebies. It was interesting to go through but I preferred all the outside hidden trails around it.

Right on.

The self-portrait shot which is always fun. It was a tad bright out but I liked that I camoflauged into the green scenery. Green on Green = Good.

Nice spot!

These hanging pots were awesome. Whoever made these, they were incredible.

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