Monday, November 29, 2010

Speed Reading

Certain things can serve you well later down the road that at the present time really never had a clear purpose. That is the thought of the day.

For example, in the third grade I was put in a speed reading class.

It was a strange side class with no real purpose. The memory of it has been bouncing around my head the last few days and I had no idea why.

The nuns made me sit in a dark room with a projector on high speed as words flew across the wall. Afterwards, a few questions were asked to see if I retained the important facts on the story that wizzed by. I never thought much of it except that it was strange, but a lot of fun. Plus it was a good excuse to get out of religion class and Jesus central.

It appears I have a talent for it. A few people have come to me recently requesting a little speed reading. I love filtering words, info and mining me some gold. Getting to the nitty gritty so to speak and delivering the goods.

So I'd like to take time out and thank you speed reading class as you continue to serve me well. Who knew? Cheers to random talents!

Now I've also been thinking of roller skates and Xanadu a lot lately. I wonder what's that's about.

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