Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Creative Day with Cricket

One part of the Artist's Way class is creating a collage.

Tearing and ripping out images that draw your eye and speak to you. It eventually becomes a collage but what it truly becomes is a visual map of everything you want to do. The last time I did one was with Cricket at our old house and it was so much fun.

Tearing into magazines, talking about what we want for ourselves and when you finally put it all together it's your vision - tangible and in hand. Your dreams in a visual form...gotta love that.

Sometimes I can see these things better than I can verbalize them so this exercise is right up my alley. Usually at first, I don't want to do it but after I just want to swim in the world I've created.

Staring at it constantly, subconsciously it begins to live and breathe on its own.

Talking about the class with Cricket and the upcoming collage experiment, I asked her if she would like to do this again with me which she excitedly agreed. It was time for her too to do another. Today we pulled all our images and started piecing it together. Sooooo excited about it.

The last time I did one of these, everything on it happened. I mean EVERYTHING. Living the dream. Gotta live the dream.

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