Monday, January 17, 2011

Business Idea of the Day

I love doughnuts.

I never thought I would find anyone who loved them as much as I did until Sunday. Rob, the artist who has designed most of the stuff in Santiagos brought some in and started talking about how he wished there was a good doughnut shop in town. Me too. I've got to get this idea out of my head so I can work on other things today.

So there's this awesome old mortuary building I ride past in Bahama Village. I say, make it a doughnut shop with an old school long bar where people can meet, have doughnuts, coffee and good conversation. Make a cremation oven in the front room by the bar that opens and plays spooky music when the doughnuts are done and ready to come out of the oven. Have them roll out on a long plank.

I'd call it Death by Doughnut. You could have skeletons hoola hooping in Doughnuts for T-shirts. I'm currently obsessed with skeletons and skulls so it feels good to apply it.

But it doesn't end there...Not only would it be the greatest doughnut shop in the world but whenever you would have sad times when visiting a real mortuary, you could get happy thinking of the doughnut shop. Sense of smell is one of the most powerful triggers so I'd also sell my doughnut smells to mortuaries as a way to alleviate loss of life pain during services.

Whew. Sometimes that stuff just needs to get out...

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