Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dream house

I've been having the craziest dreams lately. Like monster three parter dreams which include a different part of my life mixed together with all the people I've encountered. Must be why I wake up three times a night.

Last night I was in this beautiful house pitched atop a mountain top. It had a delicate frame with four giant floor to ceiling windows one facing each direction of the square house. One side had a misty mountain range, another a forest, a desert plain, and the other side a deep valley complete with Buddhist temple at the bottom. 

I commented to my mother who was also there, "No wonder grandma never wanted to leave here." Grandma started to walk in front of me, age and then dissolve right before my eyes. I too imagined myself slowly dissolving in this house. Spending my last days in a peaceful container looking out at the beauty all around me and it felt wonderful. 

I went down to the temple but it got a little crazy in there. At some point there were TV screens showing people going up an escalator at Ross in Dallas. It seemed so trivial, people shopping for stuff looking miserable while doing it.

In the past week I've been in lots of places with lots of people in my dreams. Must be why I can get so tired sometimes. 

The week off work has been so great, I hesitate to even go in to kayak today. Feel like there's so much to do and so much to process. 

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