Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hope and Quesadillas

Kinda random. Very cool.

It was a busy night at work and the beginning of it brought a kind visitor. Robin Roberts of Good Morning America. 

If you know anything about her, she has battled breast cancer and has been through another round of  treatment recently.

I wasn't aware of who she was in the beginning. Just thought she was a familiar face I had seen once before. I even mentioned that I recognized her but probably not in the way she thought. 

Later on I knew who she was but left it at that because I just wanted her to enjoy her dinner. 

Apparently all the other diners around her did too cause they asked me excitedly if that was her when she left. 

My mom starts chemo on the 13th and to see someone who has survived and fought cancer including its other fallouts is an inspiration. 

I wanted to say something to you but couldn't. 

I wish you well. I wish you knew how much it meant to see a survivor and also a sign that things will be ok. It means probably more than you'll ever know.

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