Monday, June 2, 2014

Bali - The heart of the world

So, where to start? My mind is still racing back and forth trying to explain what I did over there. What I feel now.

Not sure how to phrase what experiencing Bali was for me other than - Heart. 

There is so much heart in Bali from the temples, the plants, the water and most of all the people. 

A genuine happiness in everything that surrounds you. Its a blanket you immediately wrap yourself up in as soon as your feet hit the ground. 

I want to live in that place forever. Not so much physically but emotionally. Its what I've been looking for and am so glad I had a chance to see it and know that it exists somewhere in the world.

Birds were flying through the airport as we left and the parking garage was a cascade of plants and flowers. I was immediately at ease and lit up. 

The ride to the first place was an amazing array of temples, people whizzing by, smiles, colors, textures. It was hard to focus on one thing cause about one million other things were awaiting you with the next blink.

Still dealing with a little bit of jet lag but I was so energized when I came back to town. Slept like a rock and arose with the sun over there. I feel so calm and centered in a way similar to when I came back from Peru.

The biggest thing I've been thinking about is why are they so happy in Bali? Why are we not the same here? 

One conclusion is the connection to nature. There is a reverence for it. Everything they take from the land they put back in. They celebrate it and pray for it. 

There is a sincere belief in it and that gratitude is so genuine it glows. I got so used to seeing people smile upon greeting them it was a little jarring to not have it coming home. 

Key West is an escape for a lot of folks and they are not even happy in it. Something I got to experience my first night back at work when I had to tell a woman I couldn't serve her alcohol cause she was already too intoxicated. 

Anger arose and she stormed out. All night long people needed a lot and were unhappy no matter what you gave them. People are hungry but they have no idea for what. Maybe that's why.

Made me think of Bali and the few things they have and the happiness they all contain. Intention. Connection. Reverence.

Its so sad, cause we have so much here but we can't even feel it. There's too much in the way to allow us to sink into the happiness we all innately have. What I see back here is static and stuff getting in the way of people being able to plug in.

Happiness does exist. I feel it in my core - have been since I started regular yoga and this trip just deepened my connection to all things that help me reach that center. Art. Papaya tree swinging. Kite flying. Good food. Laughing. Nature walks. Smiles. Plants. A good cup of coffee.

Will post more later but as I start to ponder all things Bali this is what has been on my mind since I got back. 

Just was an incredible trip - The world is an amazing place.

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