Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Its All Good

I have discovered my purpose in life.

I'm going to open up a restaurant called "Its All Gluten" and it will have tables shaped like pieces of bread.

Don't know if you've ever waited on tables before but announcing you have a gluten allergy these days is equivalent to saying "Hi! I'm an asshole!"

I get it. Some people have sensitive systems and certain things can be tough on it. But you could say the same about your server and there's no reason to be tough on them or the restaurant because of it. If you have such a problem eating out, then maybe you shouldn't. Just sayin'.

Had the pleasure of the above described individual this week already. To top it off he had a black Amex that said 'See ID' on the back of it. 

When I asked to see ID he scoffed commenting that he thought he came in enough to be recognized. First off, I'm preventing identity theft at your request not recognizing you for who you think you are. Which is what I said in so many words accompanied by a smile while walking away.

Fun Fact: When waiting tables, anyone with a Black Amex is known for being notoriously cheap. Ever wonder why some rich people stay rich? I don't have to be an economist to know that trickle down economics doesn't work. Just wait on a few people with black Amexs and you'll understand first hand.

So yeah. Integration back has been interesting. In Bali, so many things spoke to me in a profound way that coming back to Key West has felt…well a bit gritty. Rough around the edges so to speak. 

Not really wanting to be back totally. 

This morning I saw it in my one yoga teacher who just arrived. That bewildered and frustrated look was all too familiar. Glad its not just me.

With a country that claims so much abundance, its a strange feeling to see so many people in the states unhappy. I suppose its our culture. You're taught to never be satisfied with what you've got. It actually feeds our economy to be unsatisfied.

I even think these crazy food allergies are just a giant cry for help. Yes, one percent of the population could die from eating something but 99% don't. 

Food allergens might be a way to make them feel special since they cannot seem to feel that way on their own. Guess I need to have a little more compassion for that.

Things in Bali just had so much feeling and life. Right down to the vegetables. Something I'm sorely missing now. Small and imperfect veggies had such punch. More than our perfect on the outside with nothing on the inside ones here. When things taste that flavorful, its easy to eat healthy.  

I always seem to collect stray dogs on travels overseas. A grumpy one ran up to me immediately growling at our second eco-lodge. 

He was a scruffy sort with hair missing, a beat up eye and skinny. He'd talk to me in barks and growls and I'd talk back. Soon enough I'd find him waiting for me when I'd be exiting cottages in the compound and he'd rub up against my leg. Jumping up and down.

I found out from the staff he was the first dog to show up when they started building the lodge.

A second grumpy dog I met after my roommate called out my name in fear. She was walking back from flying my kite in the fields and he wouldn't let her pass. So I stepped over, said hello and asked him what he was doing then he let her through.

He even followed me back to my lounge chair and hopped up on it while I painted smiling at my relieved roomie.

Guess I collect these peeps at home too. Especially waiting tables cause I get them A LOT. You know, the ones no one wants to go near and I do the same grumpy dog thing.

Pay them some attention and smooth down their edges till you can scratch their head right between the ears. Hopefully thinking, if I can give them something they need, they'll be nicer to the lot of us later on.

So that's the gist. Been trying out some new sketching with things I learned about fractals. A name for patterns in nature I see all the time and had no idea it had a name until a fellow nerdy friend clued me in.

Oh and finally found that solar mutual fund to invest in. How perfect is it that its stock symbol is TAN? 

Guggenheim Solar

Being a news junkie, I'm finding researching funds and trends to invest in is a lot of fun. Who knows? Etrade might become a cool hobby of sorts.

Had a couple of dreams lately which made me feel that another evolution is on the horizon. 

The first one was me starting work back at an old ad agency. Felt happy to be there with all the things I'd learned. That was a shocker I had to do a double take on. 

The other one I was doing my own poses and then it morphed into teaching a yoga class which felt really natural. Something I flashed back on this morning when the girl behind the counter at Old Town Bakery asked me if I taught yoga. 

Nope I just go to class a lot and crave baked goods and coffee immediately after.

And that's about it, Happy Hump Day Y'All! Woof.

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