Thursday, June 5, 2014

Geeking Out

rainforest texture

Found some amazing photo editing apps after thinking about breaking down and purchasing photoshop. The best thing about blogs is finding all kinds of info in just the click of a search. 

Found these two great ones called Tadaa and Snapseed. And the best part is they're free! If you are a photo nerd like me you'll love them.

This trip I decided to finally purchase a waterproof camera. Something I've been wanting for a while now but my growing camera collection kept me from actually doing it. 

Thought I'd be using it more in the ocean and streams but the best use I got was the day we visited the temples and it started to pour down rain. Everyone else had to shield their cameras but I got to keep snapping away without worry.

Broke away from my usual Cannon alliance in order to try something new. 

If you're a traveler, the Fuji Fine Pix waterproof series is a great option and really affordable. It even has a wireless transfer to any device - phone, tablet, computer which was the final selling point for me. 

Anytime I snapped some shots, I could easily sit down with a connection and just transfer them to my phone for instant editing. No needing to lug around a computer these days - just a phone and a camera :)

Didn't have these photo edit apps at the time and now I'm properly geeking out to them.

So fun!!!

Besides the amazing yoga retreat the one thing I didn't expect was the great daily art classes. Got some new inspiration from one of the best yoga teachers/artists in Key West. 

A lot of new pathways and ideas for my artwork. In particular a way to combine my photos and painting. Getting a lot out of that little yoga studio.

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