Sunday, July 13, 2014

Yoga Teacher Training

I took the plunge.

Holy first weekend of information. Woah.

Lots to learn. Lots to read. Lots of crazy words to pronounce. 

Funny how things I've been interested in the over last 10 years have come together in Yoga.

Did a couple of meditations this weekend that calmed me so. One was a sound nada yoga that I had the opportunity to hear the whole city and world OM. Images of North Roosevelt traffic and Publix shoppers flooded my head all vibrating to one sound - go figure.

Learning how important it is to clear the mind and body so we can see things as they really are. Learning the words of what I've been feeling when going through poses in and after class.

Above is the cover to the manual by our teacher and one of my fave yoga instructors Marlene. One of the best yoga teachers and artists I have ever met.

Finding a lot of kindred spirits in this yoga stuff. Amazing people doing all kinds of things in life. Lots o artists which I enjoy a lot.

Today I thought about how I wished I would have had this tool in my 20's. Most specifically beginning with the time I was with my grandmother when she died. Was on a bit of an emotional roller coaster back then.

But don't think I would have really appreciated how important this information is without all the experiences I've had up till now.

Good stuff. First week philosophies and histories. Next week chakras. Yoga classes in between…


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