Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Root Down to Lift Up

Bandhas, Koshas, Chakras.

Rotate your arms out. Rotate your legs in and push out like a Pez dispenser. Root down to lift up. 

Lately its all about the foundation.

I forgot how much I like to be in school. It makes me want to take more classes about everything and anything that interests me. 

The more it sinks into my head, it sinks into my practice and eventually slinks into my everyday life. 
"You change your patterns and you change your life" my instructor always says. Its true.

That can start out with holding your body in an uncomfortable position without even knowing it until you find the right alignment. Then it clicks. And it changes your whole movement.

Open. Free. Flow. No pain.

And it has. After a discussion of how we need to be balanced when rooting down, the teachers evaluated our downward dog the next day.

"What happened?" my two instructors said in unison. "You look... good" as they reviewed my stance looking for holes. First thought is this feels much better. Second thought, how bad was it before???"

"I listened yesterday." I replied with a smile

Biggest thing I think about these days is: Am I planted properly on this earth so I can rise up. 

Went to a gentle class and realized with my foot up in the air that it turns in which puts pressure on my hips. My hips are already tight. Hips hold a lot of emotion too. Been working that stuff out one stretch at a time. 

"Did you know you did that with your foot?" my teacher asked. 

No, I didn't. 

I left class thinking about applying equal pressure all over my feet. Thought about it so much I probably left the studio looking like a bowlegged cowboy.

How do I set my foundation for the day? Do I apply equal pressure in all areas of our life?

I've had to ponder this in two concrete ways. My jobs. 

First standing my ground in a difficult conversation initiated by my manager about the energetic drain and negativity that is affecting all of us at the restaurant. Oh and getting a personal attack in the process.

It exhausted me after in a way I haven't felt in a while. It felt bad but you know what, it got it out and released it.

Later realizing that this conversation and clamp down is his way of blowing off steam. And unfortunately the way he deals with stress in his life at the moment. 

I decided I will not let myself be used in this way anymore. An energetic release or balance for someone else's personal issues. I've done it so much in the past. I want no more of it in the present. 

Hand planted.

Add in a sort of hellish paddle board tour last week with eleven paddle boarders and one kayaker ranging in age from 11 to 80. 

Nice enough group but after one paddle board channel marker flip; two kayak tippings and rescues (one of which was not even on my tour); paddling my board at a 45 degree angle while trying my best to keep an 80 year old man who crawled up on the back of it, on it. 

And finally watching him ignore all my instructions and suggestions of how to get back in the kayak easier without sinking it all whilst being devoured by a fire ant in 100+ degree heat. 

I started to wonder back on shore…Do I really want to teach yoga? And are these tours really that much fun anymore?

Honestly I'm not sure I could have survived that tour without the go with the flow mentality and breathing I had to do to get to the end of it. Thanks yoga!

So the learning right now is just for me. What happens with all the information I receive and use will just be a part of the process. A process I'm really enjoying and am getting a lot out of at the moment. Who knows where it will lead?

Foot planted.

I guzzle water, food and have a 15 minute disco nap all in the measly little hour before I have to go wait tables. Rolled in asking for an easy night and getting one was a relief. 

The restaurant had reverted back to the light hearted place I remembered after the conversation with my manager and his subsequent departure for vacation. Woot. Woot.

My last table ended up being a part of my paddle board tour from earlier in the day which I didn't realize until one of the guys screamed out my name as I approached the table. "PENNNNYYYY!"

We recalled the mini adventures we had for the day. They apologized for having to continue on without me as I helped them choose food and a good Spanish Rioja for the end of it. 

Full circle and a thank you from the group along with a nice comment about how much they enjoyed spending time with me today.

Hey, this isn't so bad. In fact its pretty crazy what I get to do in one normal day.

How much we can control our own energy with intention, posture and breath is amazing. We all have this ability and the right to find that power within ourselves.

Rise up.

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