Friday, November 14, 2014

It is What you Make it.

Moving down here I always remember wanting to create a job for myself where I didn't have to sit in an office. One that I could make and take anywhere with me involving things I liked to do.

But what would that be? 

The last few weeks and this afternoon encountering a friend after my CPR and first aid class I realize that it is really coming to fruition.

I'm now certified to teach yoga, paddle board yoga and am WPA level 1 certified to boot. Got my CPR and first aid certification this morning. Lovin' the learnin'!

The most interesting stuff to me right now with these classes has been the water safety cause I never got these tools when I had to go "save" someone. 

The extent of my instruction up until now was be ready to jump in and go get 'em. There's a lot more to it but we all have that basic instinct kick in to save when it all comes down to it. Now I know the number of compressions and breaths to do with it.

Been writing up a press release for an upcoming yoga workshop and coming up for some ideas on how to market a local yoga teacher in town. 

Both the paddle board yoga and yoga classes are being paid with my marketing advice. Finally! Utilizing all that crap I had to deal with at the ad agency and realizing I can use it to get things I want to learn. 

Bonus points for finding out organizing people is another skill I have and a lot of people don't. God Bless those years in administration assistant jobs too.

A really nice transformation of a difficult time in my life I've tried hard to put behind me. All that difficulty though paid off. Big time.

Thinking of updating my website to include all these new things and the marketing consulting. Maybe even joining Linked In cause ultimately I realize this place is a great space to create in but I need to put it out there too. Its not just about Key West and that's a good thing.

I have the freedom, the space and the creativity to do about anything I want down here. That is what I love most about this place.

To apply it means taking it out of here to a certain extent. How much? I'm not sure but it sure is fun figuring out.

Next up...Screenprinting. And of course more yoga teaching practice on the beach.

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