Friday, November 7, 2014


Its been a baby shower bonanza lately. 

One of my good friends Toni is having her second and I decided to have a little fun and sketch something to print on a baby onesie.

One of the yoga teachers is an artist and just did a press run of one of her beautiful mudra sketches which I loved. So I decided it'd be a fun test to see what mine would look like too as well as give a personalized gift when the mother in question is not registered anywhere.

I bought a screen print by hand book a couple of years ago and wouldn't you know a conversation with a co-worker on how to screen print easy last night led me right back to it this morning. Figuring out the supply list now and am excited to try this out for other sketches. 

The bug continues and I'm loving the big canvas more and more. 

Got some great books on the art of sequencing for yoga which will help the whole teaching thing. 

Good lord if all I do in life is yoga, art and travel, I'd be supremely happy.

Time to get out on the water for paddle board yoga certification! Oh and try out paddle yoga for the first time.

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