Tuesday, November 24, 2015



This is where I've been starting my mornings. 

The park pass that gets full use in summer is about to get more use in the winter cause I've left the studio to do yoga out here for now.

Roll down to the beach this morning and have a good conversation with mom on the way to clear up some old stuff. Much better to talk it out than to let it simmer.

Start a yoga practice and find that when I do birds flock over to glide overhead. 

This morning its a hawk and as I twist and turn I spot it hanging out with me. How amazing does it feel to spread your wings and see the same thing above? Really amazing.

After yoga teacher training I was so wound up about how to teach. 

How to create a "sequence". Lately I just like to move and flow into positions that feel right to my body. Busting up stagnant energy with sun salutations under the natural light and leaves feels so good.

So do headstands in the sand looking out at the water upside down.

Its not a perfect asana as I get texts from my psychic asking to write up a thanksgiving message to her clients that we can send out this week. 

I can't stop thinking about it, so I stop my practice to text her it'd be more meaningful coming from her instead of me. Not necessarily a yogi thing to do in the middle of a practice.

I give her a sample of what I'd write and as soon as I do she tells me she's just overwhelmed with readings right now and will write it later. Was good to not spin out with her while being clear about what is needed.

The beach starts to fill with tourists who are happily escaping the cold. I finish my practice and read a little from this book I have by Osho. Yoga: the science of living.

His words speak to me in a powerful way, but last week I was horrified to see a video of him. He looks like he could of been an extra from Mork and Mindy. Or a cult leader that might be passing me some Kool-aid later.

He may be a freak, but his words and philosophies on life are dead on. And helpful. I just can't watch him talk in his tin foil outfits. And that's ok.

After I get my fill, I walk down to the ocean to feel the water. There's something about finishing yoga and ripping off a shirt to go swimming in your booty shorts and sports bra. 

So freeing to be in the moment. So alive.

I know I have been down on Key West lately. But this is a good reminder why I love Florida and can't wait to explore more of it. There is so much more out there. Exactly what I love - wildness. (in nature - not bars)

More state parks than any state in the country I found out recently. Looking forward to getting that car and moving even more.

Its good to have things to look forward to, no?

I ride onward watching all the tourists shuffle here and there. Picking up trash they leave behind. First a trash bag, then a water bottle cap.

Stop by my local bakery for a cup o joe and pastry, I get to see a fellow work friend and her dog Frank. Frank!!

Frank is a love bug and I can't get enough. I don't even care about my coffee as he jumps all over me.

And this is how I start my day. Grateful.

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