Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Turning a Corner / Pedal to the Metal

Feeling like I'm coming out the other side. 

A good day yesterday at yoga. Love a full room and the energy of it all. I feel strong.

Found a curbside pile of wood to paint on. Been pondering some new stuff when it appeared magically. I left a few pieces for other peeps.

Going to put a down payment on my Greece retreat.

Found out Tibetan monks are coming in January to do a sacred art tour, including making a sand mandala. The chanting alone gives me chills.

Designed a flyer in one day and it got me out of my work funk. Got more design on tap I haven't felt up to until I did that flyer.

A new mattress and frame arrived via amazon prime today. There's something exciting and hopeful about a new mattress that just makes me really fucking happy.

Going to start selling my artwork through my website. Really. Don't give a shit anymore, its gonna happen.

And this. Purple Rain mother f*ckers!

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