Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just Another Day at the Office

Just another day at the office. Something I got to thinking today at work. I've recently been informed that the kayak place needs more of me since the cruise ships have been rerouted due to a global pandemic. Damn you swine flu!

That means I will get my regular shift back. Not a horrible thing but I was trying to cut back a bit for sanity and other on-going projects. April was a slow month and quite the life saver. I needed to feel what it was like to have some continuous down time.

Because of that, I got to thinking about getting rid of the regular boat job schedule. As much as I like it, after working Saturday night, the last thing I want to do is get up early Sunday and work some more.
It's the right thing to do. Time to go to fill in status, yup that's the ticket. Until we got out there today. Damn it, boat job. I just can't quit you!

The boat job started out as a band-aid for a bad situation I was in. I was trying to ease my way out of a not so hot job. You know how that goes.

I also chose it cause it was a challenge for me. I've never really been so great in water and actually was quite afraid of it at times. So learning to do the job, was a good chance to test and embarrass myself weekly in front of customers and fellow employees. After a few weeks and a few screams it quickly sank in and I grew to love it. In fact saved my ass in many, many ways.

The picture up top was snapped today by my captain as I pondered giving it up. I cannot fathom it.

We went to Cottrell Key which is probably my absolute favorite place to go and we only go there as a last resort usually due to rough winds. At Cottrell, the water is three shades of jewel-like green and everything looks wild. As soon as we enter the area I feel at peace. I feel such a strong connection to it. Ah, the torture!

Eh, it's not that bad. In fact it's great. It's exactly what I wanted.

After working in offices most of my professional life, I couldn't take it anymore and devised a plan to get out. I wanted to find a way to survive outside working in the only thing I knew. Think prison break but no orange suit, just a suit. Never really cared for being cooped up and in an office. Restriction and hierarchy not to mention those very scary team building retreats. It was all about boxing you in. Right down to the tiny windowless gray cubicle.

The prison break plan started off bumpy (unemployment for a full year anyone?) but after seeing what I did today, I realize it was a rousing success. That combined with the fact that I am currently doing the job I used to, but sans office.

This week I got a chance to write up some correspondence to a designer for changes to a client's website. She was going to talk to the designer herself but was nervous about getting everything we had discussed right.

I told her I could do it for her no problem if she wanted. Hell, I used to do this kind of stuff with my eyes closed at the agency. Making sure everything you want gets communicated clearly and implemented. After I sent it off, I realized how much I had been missing it. We've been doing a lot of strategic thinking, brainstorming, writing and revamping. It's been a blast.

On top of that, a summer promotional idea I came up with is being used at the restaurant starting this week. Things that I used to do for a company in a cubicle, I'm now doing for me sans office. I guess I just needed the right working conditions (see above).

It might seem extreme but it works and works pretty darn well. The right mix so to speak give or take a minor schedule adjustment. So I'll keep it for now and be mighty grateful for what I got. That's what I've been feeling as of late. Just keep going and look forward to seeing how it all unfolds.

Had a couple big saves today. Swam furiously to catch a rouge pool noodle and dove under the boat to retrieve a lost mask. Not a bad day at the office.

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