Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Gotta Know When to Fold 'em

Things have been shifting. I've felt it for the last few months and I'm sure you know how that goes. It's kinda like a game, pieces start moving one by one and by the time you notice it, you're on a completely different game board. This does not happen by accident but by hard work.

It starts by surrounding yourself with people, places, activities that align with what you're about; who you are; what you enjoy. I've felt a bit scattered this past month but have had a couple interesting things pop up as they do to ask me again what I want. Do I want to do the shit I've done before or am I creating a new path? I choose the latter.

First off, I got a chance to look at a cheaper place to possibly rent. It's was a bit cheaper and a bit bigger but looked abandoned. The property had dead leaves everywhere and when I asked about screens for the windows, the guy told me I really didn't need them. Living here in summertime the bugs might as well have a blood donation van parked out front. On the second questioning and a silent response, I knew there were no screens.

I sat in it for a long time and thought to myself - anyone would snap this up, it's a good deal. I could use the extra space to work in; save a little cash. Sitting there, I went through a montage of the places I've lived in and a lot of them were like it. Rental properties where the owner is sorta there, will do the bare minimum and the reward is low rent.

Then I thought of the place I'm in now. It's well kept, there's a lot of life there (even if it is tourists) they're happy and the owner is definitely present bending over backwards to make it nice. There's a lot of love and you can feel it. It beams light as soon as you walk in. Something that I find priceless. I cannot go back to those abandoned homes - I want to be taken care of.

I went to one of my jobs where I work one day a week. The owner has been doing gangbuster business this year but she really works for it. They have an organic working style that shifts but is quite organized. They do a good job, are relaxed and welcoming. She asks me if I have everything I need cause they want to keep me happy and here - something I find amazing for a one day a week job.

"I have everything I need. I'm very happy to be here, in fact I love it." Let us know if you need anything and we'll make sure you get it she tells me. I cannot go back to abandoned businesses - I want to work hard for someone who cares.

Go to lunch with an old friend and meet a new one. The conversation is lively and interesting. After the visit, my old friend and I revel in the great group dynamic we just experienced.

It can be that easy, fun and stimulating. Those people are gems you cherish and appreciate the time you have together. When you surround yourself with peeps who aren't a drag or don't suck everything out of you; they can be like manna from heaven or maybe the scene in the Shawshank Redemption after Tim Robbins climbs out of the jail poop pipe he snaked through for hours. Glorious!

Hell, you might even get a chance to grow your business out of meeting such an individual which this week came so easily and naturally it was frightening. I will create space for myself - it pays off.

So here we are today. The pieces are moving and the sky is opening. A path is being created without force and I see it. A good bright orange DETOUR sign. As much as I loved where I've been, sometimes you realize it doesn't exactly match where you are now. In that instant, like tonight, I know it's time to say goodbye and it's not scary. It's just time.

Most people can't stand the void or staying still for that matter but it's then that your life is examined and change begins. Learning to be still creates movement in the right direction.

Time to get still and go with the motherfucking flow.

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