Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Cool Things

Two cool things happened within the last 24 hours.

1). Got to serve a flaming shrimp dish to the guitarist of the B-52's.

My first night at this new place and the job was not to set the B-52 or his friends on fire. He was very nice and one in the group commented with a slight joke, slight tone of concern: "They let the new girl serve fire?"

Never did I think I'd be serving something flaming to a B-52. Shouldn't that be the other way around? It took all my strength not to shout "Love shack, BABY" in Fred Schneider's voice.

2) Swam with a dolphin at Ft. Zach today

Went for my "day off" swim and on entering the water with snorkel; heard some clicking noises. Didn't think too much of it until I stopped to adjust my mask and seagrass blew straight up out of the water scaring the crap out of me. Looks like I had a swimming buddy.

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