Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4th Annual Beef Jerky Reunion!

Getting goofy at sunset

Southernmost Mansion day

Paddle boarding Toni!


Ah, the fourth annual meeting of the beef jerky society! Toni Baloney comes down for a day and a half and we make the most of it.

This summer has been jam packed with good stuff. 

And the best part... its all been here. Just normal everyday life in Key West. I cannot imagine what an actual vacation is going to feel like when I go. 

The last week has made me realize two things. I have some really great people around me and secondly I love my life. 

You really get a good appreciation for this little quirky place we all call home with a visitor gets to town. Their comments about how much they love this place open your eyes to the goodness that exists all around you. I've been feeling that way a lot lately and Toni's visit was just further confirmation.

Toni, my BFF. We had the best time just sitting around making stupid comments on facebook while she posted our pictures. I call it Penny and Toni 2.0 cause we used to do the same things sitting in her living room in Denver except back then it involved VH1.

Got to get her out and about one night and then pool and paddle boarding the next. A well rounded water day with friends from the restaurant and beyond.

Did a little more wakeboarding yesterday followed up by a burlesque show at night. Great way to finish up a pretty awesome couple of days off. 

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