Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You don't bite, do you?

While having a bit of dinner before seeing a movie, I had a tourist pull up a seat next to me asking: "You don't bite do you?"

"Actually I do." I responded as I kept eating.

Apparently this kind of answer gets you free drinks. I had no idea and will always plan on saying yes from now on whenever I am asked that question. 

It was either that or the description I gave of the book I had in front of me after he asked what I was reading:

"Well, its about a post apocalyptic world where the families of rebels have to offer their kids up for a game where they all kill each other and there can only be one winner. Yeah, its kinda dark but really good."

Not too sure but my free beer was quite tasty.

Guess we'll see how I can scare the new pottery class next week. I really love days off.

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