Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back to Bugs

It was only a matter of time...Back to bugs!! Beetle started on canvas with acrylic. Loving the canvas and liquid Golden Acrylics.

Poinciana in bloom all over the island. Its hard not to paint them.

Peek a boo!

My American Beauty moment. Cars going past were wondering who the retarded girl was taking pictures at puddles. Those leaves are so damn luminous its hard not to stop. Especially when they stand out in gray muck.

The bigger picture. 

Really enjoying the down time. Finding things to paint and working on the website which has become really fun especially now I have a decent scanner. But as it always happens to get on a roll... marketing comes a calling. 

Got a nice reference to possibly write an advertorial for ArtNews. And right before I was asked to write some biographies for the kids at work. I had two days to write 5 biographies and selling intro for the dudes. 

Glad to know that stuff comes back just like riding a bike cause I busted it out pretty quick. Felt good about it but not sure I want to deviate from the art right now. This always seems to come up. 

Why not both, I say? I know where my heart lies. Who knows maybe it'll happen this time with a dash of travel writing. But to be honest all I care about right now are...Bugs.

On a side note, how I did not discover the Radiohead channel on Pandora before today astounds me. Its the perfect music to paint bugs to. 

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