Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Love!

Great band playing at the Green Parrot this weekend. The Revivalists. Got chills listening to them sing the whole time. This is the lead singer.

The guy behind us is the sax player. Gotta love a good photobomb!

My girlfriends pushed me to go ask for a picture and I'm glad they did. In the process, I was a total nerd. Saw he had a tip bucket before this whole thing went down and tried to pull out some cash. Realized later it was three dollars and his look when I threw it in was priceless. 

Oh well, I bought a CD to make up for it. Hot damn! Their cover of the Stones tune "Its Just a Shot Away" at the end was unreal. If you have a chance to see them I highly recommend it. Band from NOLA and bad ass performers.

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  1. iwas there

    talk about a band on the road to glory