Saturday, July 28, 2012

Handing Out the Bugs

In the midst of all this fun, I had been working on getting my artwork up and out. Well, last week I got my official business cards.

When I actually worked in the corporate world, it was such a big deal to finally get your own business cards. These days I realize I don't need a title and can be whatever the hell I want with the click of a button. 

I just handed off the first stack to the local store my artwork is up in. When I started thinking of what I wanted it to look like all I could think of are fireflies.

They have a lot of meaning for me. First off, I love them. Second they sort of represent my grandmother who taught me to paint. 

She used to watch me catch them in our yard and would ask me to bring one over. When I did, she took  it, threw it on the ground and smushed it with her foot.

In my horrified state, she just said: "See the pretty light?" And there would be a neon yellow trail glowing on the sidewalk where her wheelchair bound foot could reach it. 

"Grandma Nooooo!!" I'd usually shriek. Then she'd give an evil cackle and tell me to go get another one. I'd have to decide whether or not she would do it again. The answer to that question, was yes.

Such a wicked sense of humor even at her old age. She was simply the best. So I figured, what better way to let people know who I am. 

Lets hand out some lightning bugs.

Been trying to figure out if I need to buy photoshop for better color correction. Started thinking about it after seeing the printed coloring of the logo. Ironically it looks like the color of the smushed bug trail Grandma made.

Senorita Penelope is in tribute to my trip over to Spain, visiting for the first time, the other side of my family. Its when I started to see that the kind of life I wanted was possible. Its also when I changed my  name to Penelope since Penny in Spanish sounds a lot like the word for penis. 

I've always wanted to have an alter ego, thanks to some business cards now I do.

Website and more paintings to come but I need to stop having so much fun first.

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