Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beaver Eclipse

Well, I think its official. All my dating relationships get started at Don's and Jill usually has a front row seat. I hope I tipped her well last night.

Met a traveling artist in town for a show at the Parrot after work. And after turning down a shot, he asked for my phone number with the offer to get a drink sometime in the next 5 days. Hell, why not? 

Gave him my phone number and headed over to Don's for one more with my friends when he suddenly showed up.

He told me he dragged his birthday friend over there cause he couldn't remember the name he put in his phone. I laughed, and told him it was ok cause I probably couldn't remember his name. Its true, until I have a decent conversation with someone I generally can't.

So after guessing, I got it right on the second try.

Talked to him and had a surprisingly good meaningful conversation till 4am when I finally insisted I go home. 

I told him it was a full moon and he told me it was a beaver eclipse. Nothing dirty, he's from Washington State and it's a moon when the beavers go out, make dams, play in the river or something like that.

How many times do you catch yourself wedged between Wingmasters and Don's Place getting picked up and turned upside down in the street asking patrons leaving if they knew it was a beaver eclipse?

Every once in a full moon.

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