Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Arizona! - Sedona

Well, onto the whole reason I looked at going to Arizona in the first place - Sedona. 

I had thought a lot about where to travel this year and couldn't seem to zero in on anything at first. Usually a place lights up for me immediately and this year it just didn't which was very strange. 

I thought about what I enjoyed most about last year's trip to Peru and the places I've really gotten a lot out of. My mind suddenly went to Moray. The energy there just felt so good and I had the most incredible day there.

So I googled a few things mostly similar to Moray and found Sedona. What does Sedona have that is similar to Moray??? 

Energy Vortexes.

First off some brief history. Sedona as a whole is considered a very sacred site by Native Americans a.k.a. Indians. A lot of Hopi and Navajo resided in this region and still do. The tribes considered the area so sacred they didn't live there. It was just a place that they visited to do sacred rituals.

Now continue onto a psychic in the late 1970's who pinpointed areas in Sedona called vortexes. The ones she listed were Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Airport Vortex and Boynton Canyon.

The bottom layer of Sedona is said to built over quartz which is a healing rock as it is known to amplify energy and open up spiritual doors.

The gorgeous red rocks have their coloring from iron which once exposed to the elements, turns red. Here's the interesting thing, iron is at the core of the Earth and creates an electromagnetic field around us. It is said that anything that flows is affected by a magnetic current and iron intensifies that current.

So with regards to energy vortexes, I believe its similar to a chakra cleansing, imagine doing a shitload of yoga and the feeling you'd have afterwards. 

We all have energy within us and being around these vortexes, helps the flow move faster. Clears stuck energy and allows new to flow through. There's such a sense of calm to this place and everyone seems so happy its hard not to want to stay in it forever. I had thoughts of it...

When we first went to Bell Rock, it was amazing to see people of all ages climb all over the rocks like ants. Up really high were 60 year olds acting like children. When you got to a spot that had stacked rocks or juniper trees that had twisted branches you knew you were in a vortex area.  

I kept seeing faces in the rock formations. The only other places I've seen that is Peru and Hawaii and they were very special, just like this.

A fun theory is that there's a giant spaceship under Bell Rock and in the 80's people paid $75 a person on a certain solstice day where they thought the rock was going to open up and reveal that spaceship. Looking for a ride to the great beyond Must have been an entertaining night with aliens laughing. 

I visited Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Vortex and Boynton Canyon. All had different qualities to them but one thing was for sure, the energy at all places was beautiful. 

I got all that I was looking for and more with Sedona.

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