Wednesday, November 28, 2012


A lot of times working in the restaurant people come to you with a familiar sentence:

"Let me ask you something."

It is one of my favorite phrases asked cause I always love to see how people will respond to the answer. So on this particular night, this nice couple who was taking their time enjoying their meal uttered this phrase.

"The guy. You know, the guy with the lighted bike with the sound system on the back? What is that?"

A familiar reply for me "Oh that's Mr. Chapman. He's a  really nice guy and lives right down the block. Have you seen his furry chicken?" I said.

"Yeah, but what is that? I mean that bike is great but why is he doing it, I don't see him collecting any money or anything." looking confused as they snickered a little bit.

"No he doesn't collect any money, he just likes to make people happy. That's all." I said

They still didn't seem to get it totally. I mean why would this guy with a souped up bike dripping with lights and booming sound system just ride his bike around Key West for no reason other than to make people smile. 

It got me thinking. How sad is it that people can't grasp the concept of doing something to make another person happy with nothing in return for themselves?

Have we become a totally transaction based society? Perhaps. I do think you need to base value on things. More for the cherishing and respecting aspect. But happiness? How do you put a price on that?

Which brings me to my next thought - Powerball. 

The last few days everyone's been talking about it. Getting tickets and waiting for their payday. I normally don't get into Lotto. I'd much rather use that two dollars for a small cafe con leche from Sandy's but it got me thinking of going to buy a ticket. So I bought one. 

Yes, one. Cause if its meant to be, its meant to be.

Which subsequently got me thinking of: "Oh crap. What would happen if I won?" 

Want to know the honest to God truth... I got a little sad that I'd have to leave my jobs. Something which is probably the opposite of what people think about winning lotto.

Yeah, I didn't want to have to give up my jobs cause I like going to them and the random experiences I get out of them. Plus all my friends are there too. 

So what WOULD I do with all that money??

Well, I'd probably buy myself a few things. A house. Nothing crazy cause I've always liked small spaces. A cottage style house with room to paint, have friends stay over, oh and I'd like a salt water pool. 

I'd maybe get a car so I could take road trips.

I'd pay off all my family's debt and get them whatever they wanted or needed. 

I'd donate it to Arts programs for children and adults. Yes, adults. Cause its a good thing when everyone creates and learns to play. You need that even more when you're an adult.

I'd donate to libraries cause I want to see books stick around. Plus I just really like libraries.

And of course, travel. I imagine a big chunk would be devoted to that. Experiences up the wazoo. 

But the biggest thing I got out of playing lotto was the realization that I wouldn't really want to change my life too much. 

And for that, I feel extremely lucky.

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