Saturday, November 10, 2012

Simple pleasures

Today was a good day.

Got a bacon egg and cheese from Five Brothers.

Found my friend's art book in the new book section at the Key West library.

Was asked at the Salvation army: "Did you find a treasure?" immediately after I picked up a fifty dollar hardback Picasso retrospective book from the Modern Museum of Art in New York.

"Yes, I did."

Also picked up two Japanese china plates worth $20 each but got the whole lot for just a mere 7 dollars.

Bought some plants for my ever growing herb garden.

Watched the turkey vultures circle amongst billowy clouds while I thought of new paintings.

Ran out the door when I saw Samsara was playing at the Tropic to catch the next showing. 

Felt like I got a full length meditation afterwards as I listened to wind chimes jingling in the night air on the ride home with great peace.

I call this....Saturday.

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