Monday, May 13, 2013

Full Circle

This season has been slow on the water. In some ways I needed a break from the work but not the water. I've actually begun to enjoy it for myself which was sorely lacking.

I remember when I started the first water job. I was curious but scared and then I grew to love it. Not being out there on a regular basis made me feel unbalanced. 

But being out there for work is one thing. To enjoy it only for yourself is another. Something I'm realizing this season especially the last week.

Decided to buy that annual pass to Florida State Parks as a late birthday gift. Its already been a godsend. Early morning meditation and swim starts my day off in a way I've been craving. 

The meditation I love began on a beach in Ecuador. It feels so much fuller doing it outside looking at the water. Wonder if that's because of how it all started. 

This morning as I struggled to get past some of the goofy conversations from nearby cruise ship visitors. I started thinking of the beach in Ecuador. Of all the stuff that's happened since then. Of where I am now and I felt grateful.

I got in the water and noticed a large storm cloud starting to gather behind the beach. When the darkness built and a water spout in the far distance showed its reach, I was like a kid asking its mother for just five more minutes. I didn't want to get out just yet.

The sun stayed clear as the clouds came near and a rainbow ring glowed around it. It made me smile and let me know someone was listening. 

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