Friday, May 15, 2015

Four Days

Funny how an unexpected almost four days off in a row starts to make you feel like a human being again. 

I agreed to swap shifts this week at the restaurant for a co-worker who wants to run a race down the keys. I needed this swap almost as much as she did cause it gave me some room to breathe.

I always forget how the end of season always comes with a brick wall burn out at some point. And how grateful I am that things slow down and I have that breathing room to feel again. 

So what did I do on my four days?? I crashed out. I ate like a ravenous animal. I went swimming. I drank bubbles. I read. I photoshopped. I slept.

As a "downtime activity" I created a new flyer for the studio and am designing a website for them as well. Couldn't keep my hands off it. 

Re-jumbling things to make them look cleaner, add texture, while learning how to use different tools on Photoshop via YouTube tutorials.

I'm totally addicted to photoshop. Love playing with images and figuring out how to use photos in new ways. Thinking of re-designing my website as well just for kicks.

Got an amazing birthday book from Toni that reminded me to look at the world as an ongoing art project. Had put painting on the back burner for a while. Sometimes that happens - usually when I need a break or a new perspective on something to move forward.

Broke out my watercolor pencils from Bali and sketched a bit. Thinking I might finally be in the realm of creating for creating's sake. So fun to just play around will all kinds of images. 

Another amazing book I picked up via a friends suggestion is the "Geography of Bliss". I'd love to write a book like this - the travel research alone is fantabulous. I'm currently in the Bhutan chapter and totally thinking of my painting Lama I met in Pagosa Springs while reading it.

Sounds like an amazing place to be. Love it and all the new perspectives popping up. 

Cheers to being human.

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