Friday, May 29, 2015

Its 5 o' clock somewhere

Sometimes its just fun to brainstorm with the kitchen crew. In between gluten and nut allergy requests.

One of the guys is in a pretty successful band down here and we started talking about how there is no punk music in town.

This was right after he told me their band was slated to be the opener for Night Ranger.

So be prepared... Next Parrothead fest for a punk band doing Jimmy Buffett cover songs directly across from Margaritaville complete with a local mosh pit. 

The band name? "It's 5 'o'clock somewhere".

They could wear floral button down shirts and khakis that would be Velcro ripped off when they started in on the punk revealing leather and nipple piercings with studded chokers.

And I think I also talked him into playing the Golden Girls TV theme song "Thank You for Being a Friend" in punk version as well.

This. Must. Happen.

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