Monday, December 15, 2014

Always Keep a Journal...

My favorite art teacher in college always used to say "Keep a journal with you at all times. You never know when you'll need it". As he showed us the multiples he had in his bag. 

I thought it odd, cause I used to think if you were going to sketch it had to be a perfect finished product. 

I think of him a lot cause these days when I get hit with an idea, I have some kind of journal in my bag. You never know when it'll pop up again, he was right.

Another friend of mine always told me to have multiple paintings going on at one time. Cause you never know what kind of mood or feeling you'll be in to paint. 

This morning I woke up needing to paint this. 

Pinwheels were the first thing I started painting with down here and today I felt the need to start this. I sketched it out a while ago. 

Out of curiosity I looked up the symbolic meaning of pinwheel and what I got was this. 

"In Chinese culture pinwheels are an instrument to turn obstacles into opportunities."

I like to read a lot of different things and one thing I've been following for a long time now is a particular astrologer who writes in a really irreverent way I love. 

Michael Lutin was featured in Vanity Fair for a long time until he told some painful truths and got booted out of the magazine for it. 

So his weekly reading last night hit a nerve:

"Dark thoughts. They are merely inventions of your own mind. Even the darkest thoughts, don't be afraid of them. They are attempts to frighten yourself. And keep you from experiencing happiness."

He goes on to talk about the process of healing and how the darkest of thoughts, feelings need to be released before that healing can take place.

You can read his entire entry here.

Felt this a lot last week and wondered what the hell was going on since I had been feeling so good. Now it makes sense. I am excited for this. Its been a long time coming. 

Must be why in scheduling my second doctors appointment I also scheduled one with my intuitive healer to help me move a block I've had for a long long time. 

Let the healing begin. Inside and out. 

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