Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thank You

A very strange 24 hours. Which included me literally running away from a Christmas party, a scary phone scam call and a diagnosis.

I guess 2014 continues to be a year of luck. First escaping an earthquake within 3 hours of it occurring and today finding out I was one step away from melanoma. "You're a very lucky lady" my kind doctor said. 

Whoever was talking to me in my dreams. Thank you. 

Well, it looks like my plans on avoiding stitches for life are scrapped. Instead I'm starting to think breaking through some fears which seem to always pop up at a familiar juncture in my life will be necessary. 

Ok, lets learn how to deal with this. I want to keep moving forward. 

Feel a little numbed out right now. The prescription? A bike ride and an egg and cheese sandwich. Some sustenance to paint today since I was a little too wound up from the past 24 hours to eat last night.

Hopefully the luck will continue to roll on and I finally figure this out.

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