Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Nervous Talking

I am a nervous talker.

When I get nervous. I talk. 

A lot. 

Today while getting stitched up and starting to feel the thread going through my skin I talked about all kinds of things. 

Places to go in NYC for my doctor's upcoming visit. The best place to skate and get hot chocolate. The Gugghenheim. The Met. Trinity Church. St. Patricks Cathedral. Buddy Rich's manager driving me in a burnt sienna limo into the city for the first time and telling me Johnny Carson stories.

What I did not expect was finding out my doctor's husband was from Gijon Spain and her kids go to soccer camp over there.

That they stayed in Aviles last time and she really wanted to not put out their 70 year old relative but the family would be insulted if they did not stay with them.

Oh my God! No one ever knows this place. Oh my God! No one ever understands the family housing situation over there. 

"Did you go to the Sidra festival?!?"

"No, but my husband knows the proper way to pour."

"Did you go to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona?"

"No, Barcelona was tough. The town was packed and everyone looked like they were on heroin."

"Did you like the museums in Madrid?"

"Um, the Prado had a lot of dark images. We didn't really like it too much with the kids"

"I know! Too many paintings of Jesus getting killed, right?!"


We talked about the end of the world in Spain where all the Camino travelers end up at. 

I told her she needed to visit the Tower of Hercules next time they went to visit. Got me to thinking of this picture at the top of the tower.

This was at the top on a cloudy day with no flash and I've done no editing to it. Crazy, right? I got a few pics like this over there like this complete with blinding light where there was absolutely none around. 

So many random shots of things that I found a few to look back on and am glad I didn't delete out of habit.

Like this one from Gijon:

Pretty much sums up how I roll on my trips. And I so miss those Spanish walking shoes with a passion. I was so bummed when I realized I left them in Ecuador.

But most of all the greatest find was this one - My Tio talking. I filmed him without his knowing, per our usual conversation (him talking. me listening.) In the car he told me he would never let me drive. I miss him mucho.

This was quite possibly the best way to receive stitches for the first time. It is also how I know I definitely chose the right doctor.

A little sore but not too bad. Our conversation definitely took my mind off of it and flooded back some great memories.

All is good.

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