Saturday, December 6, 2014

Can I Bring it Back on Friday?

And my obsession with gas masks grows...

Holy full moon, Batman. Last night I had to stop a woman from leaving with one of our sangria pitchers at the restaurant. 

"Wow, you caught that pretty quick, huh." she said as I asked for it back while she was rounding the street corner.

"What? Don't you know who I am? I bring this place a lot of business! I'll just bring it back on Friday." 

Um, no. While I'll agree that you drinking your own personal sangria pitcher with a straw in it shows us how much you love the place, we actually need that pitcher back tonight.

Besides nothings screams open container violation like a sangria pitcher being drank while walking down the street.

I told her to check in with the bartender cause he'd probably want it back too. He did and she proceeded to get into a full blown argument with him at the beginning of our shift. 

The holiday cray cray people are starting waaaaaay too early. 

Thank God for three consecutive days off. Happy Saturday....

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